Employment & Education Centre (EEC)

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Products and Services

The Employment & Education Centre is a multi-faceted agency that works to serve the community in various capacities. We offer a wide range of services including employment preparation with trained counselors, workshops, financial coaching, employer subsidies, job development for clients and employers, and a staffed resource centre to assist clients in their job search. For employers, we offer innovative job development and various subsidies to assist in the hiring and training process. In addition, we maintain an open relationship with both the client and employer to ensure job success and employer satisfaction. Our client relationships are extremely successful and rewarding for both the counselor and client. We provide award-winning service to our clients and support them throughout their job search and employment journey.The Employment & Education Centre is a not for profit agency that is funded by various community partners including the United Way and Employment Ontario.



105 Strowger Blvd. ,

Brockville, Ontario K6V 5V2




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